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    Chigwell School Past Maths Paper

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All courses you sign up to allow you 6 months to complete so you have plenty of time for your revision.

Courses purchased as part of a bundle allow 12 months of revision.

Explained solutions

Our work-through videos are fully explained by our 11+ specialist. Utilising a virtual whiteboard, each question is fully explained and solved in front of your eyes with our detailed video solutions along with audio commentary.
  • Test yourself

    Download the official CSSE past 11+ paper and experience an actual paper. You will be tacking the official 11+ paper for the perfect practise.

  • Check your answers

    Check your answers with our ieducate 11+ specialist. Don’t panic if you struggled with a few questions - the answers will be fully explained.

  • Video solutions

    We will guide you with our step-by-step detailed video solutions (including colour annotation and audio) to help you to tackle similar questions next time.


Chris Black

Chris has studied from Queen Mary, University of London. He has taught in the Essex region and is renowned for using a lot of hand-on teaching tools.